Rhode Island Court Jurisdictional Disputes

Rhode Island Venue Disputes Attorney

Jurisdictional disputes often arise when one court attempts to assert its claim of jurisdictional authority over a non-resident, individual, or business. While this often occurs in contract disputes with out-of-state businesses, these jurisdictional disputes also occur in family law matters where there are child custody and visitation contested matters. At the law office of Douglas H. Smith , we represent businesses and individuals in jurisdictional disputes involving state and federal cases. Our firm has extensive experience, both in the Rhode Island State Court and Federal Court systems for the First District, moving to dismiss lawsuits where personal jurisdiction is lacking over a defendant. We have represented a number of clients who are not Rhode Island residents but have faced litigation in Rhode Island courts. In some cases, Mr. Douglas has been successful in having the case dismissed; in others, he has had the case moved to the defendant’s home state.

Change Of Venue – Our Record Of Success

In recent Superior Court litigation filed against a Virginia resident by a Rhode Island contractor, we were successful in having the Rhode Island lawsuit dismissed, notwithstanding a Rhode Island forum selection clause.

In another federal lawsuit filed in Rhode Island involving a defendant who was a New York dealership, we were able to have the litigation transferred to the defendant’s proper venue in New York.

Regardless of whether you’re a business or an individual facing litigation in a Rhode Island venue, we can review the specifics involved and help you either transfer the case to your home jurisdiction or have it dismissed. To learn more, contact jurisdictional disputes attorney Douglas H. Smith today.

Family Law Issues And Jurisdictional Disputes

Jurisdictional disputes in connection with family law matters often arise in regard to property owned in another state, spouses living in different states or the relocation of children to a different state. In child custody disputes, the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) often governs jurisdictional disputes. Understanding how to apply the UCCJEA can be complicated. As a lawyer who handles divorce and other family law matters on a regular basis, Mr. Douglas has the knowledge and resources needed to apply the UCCJEA in jurisdictional disputes.

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If you’re involved in a state or federal case that involves a Rhode Island court, your home state may have a jurisdictional claim over it. For more information about jurisdictional disputes and how we can help you, contact venue disputes attorney Douglas H. Smith today to schedule an appointment.