Verdicts and Settlements

Represented a business client in a dispute with a municipality over ownership of a city park. After the client’s ownership of the property was confirmed first by the Rhode Island Superior Court and subsequently the Rhode Island Supreme Court, our client donated same back to the City and took a charitable deduction worth in excess of

Represented a 32-year-old church employee with two (2) children who suffered a soft tissue injury as a result of a motor vehicle collision. After obtaining the limits of the other motorist’s $100,000.00 policy, I obtained an additional $25,000.00 from the client’s under insurance carrier.

Defended a United States postman wrongfully accused of violating a restraining order and criminally assaulting his former girlfriend, a registered practical nurse. During a lengthy trial, the girlfriend admitted, under cross-examination, that she had perjured herself – during the trial, and all criminal charges were dismissed against my client.

Represented the seller of a commercial garage and store, who was sued by the buyer and former tenant for fraud and alleged non-disclosure of a sublease. After a two (2) week trial, we established not only the existence of an enforceable 99-year oral sublease, but also, that the buyer was fully aware of same, contrary to his testimony at trial.

Represented a woman in a divorce case whose husband failed to disclose during Court hearings, marital assets located in another state. As a result of this deliberate concealment, my client received 100% of husband’s equity in the former marital residence, and all of his IRA’s and retirement accounts.

Represented a homeowner wrongfully accused of non-payment for materials and labor performed at his property. After a trial in Superior Court, the contractor’s claim was denied, and the mechanic’s lien on the client’s property was extinguished.

Represented a Providence minority business owner whose grocery store was damaged by fire. Insurance defense attorneys denied the claim on the basis of alleged arson by the insured. After a contested hearing, the insurance carrier paid the full amount of the judgment for business losses in excess of $150,000.00.

Obtained a judgment in Providence County Superior Court for the policy limits on a two – family house destroyed by fire, against the Rhode Island Insurance Insolvency Fund, who appealed the judgment that was later upheld by the Rhode Island Supreme Court.

Defended an owner of a ten (10) unit apartment house in Central Falls against claims of equitable ownership by a former business associate. At trial, we established our client’s 100% ownership of the property-in-question, and later obtained the full amount of the insurance proceeds from a subsequent fire loss.

Represented a Massachusetts mortgagee whose previous attempts at mortgage foreclosure were frustrated by a Rhode Island attorney’s repeated bankruptcy filings and use of automatic stay. After trial in Bankruptcy Court, the client was given permission to foreclose, and debtor’s bankruptcy petition was determined to have been filed in bad faith. An injunction was granted against any further bankruptcy filings by the debtor.

Obtained a Judgment in Providence County Superior Court for a real estate property seller against the buyer who failed to close, for seller’s moving expenses, lost profit and other carrying expenses, when the property sold for less to a second buyer.

Obtained a Judgment against a fraudulent contractor, who barely started construction on a new home, for the full amount of the owner’s original deposit, plus $25,000.00 punitive damages.

Obtained an American Arbitration Association award for the balance owed on construction of a new home, where the property owners refused to pay without justification, the amount owed, plus interest and attorney’s fees.

Filed suit in Rhode Island Federal District Court on behalf of a woman who was repeatedly bitten by a pit bull, which settled the day before trial.

Successfully represented a Quincy bank in its opposition to a Chapter 11 Reorganization Proceeding filed against it by a Newport bed and breakfast.

Defended a mother in Family Court against frivolous claims of abuse by defendant/father. After trial, the mother was awarded custody of both children, and child support was doubled.

Represented a mother seeking custody of her son, who was voluntarily placed with the Massachusetts Department of Social Services. In his decision from the bench, the trial judge stated that the Department should be indicted for its conduct in this case.